KF Shkëndija v KF Presingu – Talents of age groups U13, U15 and U17

KF Shkëndija v KF Presingu – Talentët e grupmoshave U13, U15 dhe U17


Young footballers show their skills and love for Football game

Talent Promotion Team invited by the Football Club Pressing visited the games held between the Shkëndija and Presingu FC clubs, in the age groups U-13, U-15 and U-17 . It was a pleasure to see how our talents, despite many difficulties with the elementary conditions that are related to transportation and the necessary assets to play this game, they found a motive to show their skills and love for football.

Video Highlights – Shkëndija v Presingu (U13 Fatosët)

During the match day we were able to notice that in these two clubs there is a large number of talents. A greater commitment from all of us, motivating and supporting in whatever form, may be the reason for these young generation to give their maximum and reach the tops of world football and why not? … in the future they may represent our nation and state.

For U-13 

Shkëndija 3 – 2 Presingu
Meris Maliq            Smiley face     ( Assist  Blend Krasniqi)
Euron Sylejmani    Smiley face    ( Assist Blend Krasniqi)
Elon Ramadani      Smiley face     ( Assist Odi Mehmeti)
Redon Halili          Smiley face             ( Assist Yll Zuka)
Butrint Azemi          Smiley face            (Penalty)

In the video below please find highlights from U-17 game.

Video – Shkëndija 5 v 3 Presingu (U17 Kadetët)

It is a great pleasure to see that despite the difficulties, these clubs as well as all football clubs in Kosovo continue to work with our talents. A special thanks goes to Mr. Enver Halili who was the initiator for promoting these talents using the digital marketing funnels as well as all other members of the Shkëndija FC and Presingu FC. During this day was played the match for the Pioneers (U-15) age group where Shkëndija won the game with the score 5 to 3.

Talent Promotion